Described by DJ magazine as “an unsung hero in the development of underground beats over the past decade” Cakeboy made his name in Brighton and on the UK festival circuit in the late 90’s writing & performing live his unique style of party breakbeats. Regardless of where the scene may be heading at any given time, Cakeboy has continued to produce & deliver music his way, with the emphasis on fun & with a very definite ‘F**k you if you’re too cool to smile’ sensibility. Now very much at home in CUT LA ROC’s Rocstar Recordings & DJ Agency family, he is reaching a global audience and when playing out, proudly packs in oodles of his own material amidst breaks old & new, cheeky bootlegs and lots of live trickery. His enthusiasm is infectious & never fails to rock the party!

You can hear all Cakeboy’s releases on his Soundcloud

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