The Fun Stuff

IT’s all about the kids feeling good about themselves in a safe & friendly protected environment. We turn on the fun and ramp it up, color, love and life!

Hoola Hooping on the green

Based in Melbourne. Donna is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, performer and lover with a background in Creative Arts and 15 years experience working with diverse communities.

In 2015, Donna left an executive management position to found Hoop Sparx and share her passion for hula hooping.

Donna Sparx is a professional hula hooper and one of Australia’s leading hoop dance teachers. Recognised globally for her creativity, innovation, flow facilitation and playful approach, she has taught thousands of people to hula hoop!

Donna has performed with the Women’s Circus and trained under hoopers from Europe, UK, Canada and the USA. She brings a passion and playfulness to her work that is infectious.

chairEdendale Craft Activities will include a giant mandela being constructed from recycled materials that kids of all ages can come and participate in – the final product will be photographed and available as an online postcard for all artists! There will be plenty of free form craft activities for younger children available to dip into anytime they feel the need to express themselves too!! 3pm – 5pm

Make some mexican masks?
Get in the cumbia massive flavour with some mexican mask making!

First Light Stilt Walkers…….. The Mystical Queen.

Originally ceated as The Phoenix for Garden Tropicanna Spectacular in Darwin Nt and The Nymagee Outback  Music Festival in NSW 2006Uluru & Kata Juta 144

This Phoenix, has risen again as the Mystical Queen,  fluttering blessings from beneath her wings at:

Rainbow Serpant Vic,  Palm Creek Folk Qld, Island Vibe Qld, The Town Vic, Festivals, although she loves the breeze of the outdoors she has  occasionally  been seen indoors, eg The Melbourne Exhibition Center for Rights of Passage Tattoo Festival and & Rubix Warehouse for Bean Bag Babylon….. and now she is out again and appearing at Come Together Festival, so look up and about for  First Light Stilt Walkers… Mystical Queen.

Face Painting

Inner Colour (Andra) is an international visionary artist specialising in fine art body painting, face painting, make-up and UV-reactive painting. This artform has seen her paint around the world, having toured Europe, as well as the Middle East and Australia. 

She is the UV Body Painter of the Year – awarded at the prestigious Australian Body Art Awards 2016 . Andra is an intuitive painter. She is self-taught and is interested in transcending convention. Each piece is unique, highly intricate and created individually for every person.Inner Colour Face Painting Jassy Butterfly

3 – 6pm

All supervisors of any child activities will have current working with children’s checks.