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Due to a high number of applications, any applications from 1st February will go onto the waitlist.

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Import Information.. Please ensure you read this before you apply.

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Edendale  Community Environment Farm – offers a range of environmental information and educational programs on topics such as biodiversity, waste management, air quality and water conservation.

Situated on the banks of the Diamond Creek, Edendale is nestled within the heart of Nillumbik’s Green Wedge, 1.4 kilometres north of the Eltham town centre.

The Edendale grounds – spread over seven acres – feature community education buildings, animal pastures, an old homestead (circa 1896); an Indigenous Plant Nursery, gardens and open space.

Edendale is the perfect location for an outdoor environmental festival with all the required amenities including toilets and parking.


The Come Together Music & Arts Festival aims to demonstrate sustainability in every aspect of the event. Please minimise waste as much as possible and do not bring or distribute at the festival: balloons, plastic bags, plates, plastic bottles, cutlery or cups unless they are recyclable/biodegradable.

Site allocation

Exhibitor site allocation is determined by the Come Together Festival Committee based on a range of factors. Exhibitors are not guaranteed the same site as previous years. Larger sites can be made available on request for an increased fee.

Exhibitors can provide their own marquees or a marquee can be provided for an additional cost. Please indicate your requirements on the registration form. If you provide your own marquee it should be in a presentable condition and provide adequate protection from the elements.

Please be aware that if you are providing your own marquee it must be weighed down using sandbags. Pegs are NOT permitted at Edendale. This is for your own safety as there is the risk of hitting the shallow electricity supply.


Food Vendor Stall – $100:00  Standard site size 3m x 3m

Market Stall – $50:00 Standard site size 3m x 3m

Larger site 6m x 6m would be double eg. Food Stall = $200:00 – Power requirements must be specified. Standard power (10AMP) is part of the price anyone requiring 15AMP will need to include this in application. An additional charge of $50.00 is required for 15AMP to assist in payment for electrician.

ALL POWER LEADS must be tagged and tested in the last 12 months. 

Every applicant must complete our OH&S form before the event.

How to register

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Lodge your registration form

Complete and return the online registration form  below as soon as possible please. All applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise as soon as possible after lodging an application. If you are successful, we ask that you then proceed to make full payment, for which we will provide details on notification of your successful application.

Full payment must be received by  1st Feb 2022. Vendors who have not made payment by this date will be removed from the stall holders and any on the wait list will be offered the stall site. The Come Together committee reserves the right to determine whether your stall is suitable for the festival and whether it will be accepted.

All cancellations must be made in writing. Any refund of the deposit is discretionary of  festival organiser.

Vendors undertake the Come Together Festival at their own risk. The Come Together Festival is not responsible for any loss or damages that may occur to personal or hired materials.


Under the Food Act 1984 all temporary or mobile food premises that wish to sell food must be registered with their Principal Council. To register as a food vendor you need to submit a Statement of Trade. All Statements of Trade need to be submitted online via Streatrader.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is required to take part in the Come Together Festival. You can purchase public liability for $22 from Nillumbik Shire Council via the following weblink

Bump in and Bump Out

Gastons Road (access road for Edendale) will be closed from 12pm to 10pm on Saturday 19th March 2022 for the Come Together Festival.

Bump in time:

Saturday 19th March between 10am and 12pm  – any stalls late will be refused entry, a simple phone call to notify of any issues of timing may be considered otherwise you will not be refunded, space and time is limited so please respect this request.

Bump out time: Saturday 19th March between 10pm and 11pm , any requests to bump out earlier are to be requested to the OH&S supervisor for Come Together Music & Arts Festival.

(advised times – bump out will only commence once access to the site has been deemed safe. You may only bring your vehicle on site when permitted by a festival staff member)

We strongly encourage stallholders who are able (i.e. those with non-perishable goods) to utilise the Saturday morning time period to set up stalls.

For the safety of visitors, all trader or market stall holder vehicles will need to be removed from Edendale prior to 12:00PM on Saturday 19th March. Parking for stall holders will be provided on-site.