DiY HiFi – fully offgrid Sound System

DIY HiFi is run by a collective of like­minded individuals with various worldwide backgrounds, who came together in the South Australian desert in 2000. DiY HiFi brings together those ideals of the collective in a fully off­grid Sound System which can be the focus of music/visual/speech events.

We can cater for events up to 500 – 2000 people and can provide a full band / DJ setup to cater for the discerning musician! A background of live / DJ experience in the crew means we know what you`re talking about!

Visually different from anything else out there, all the designs were chosen to provide the best power consumption / SPL for use off­grid and the best point source sound but also to be manageable by one person. The trailer transports all the sound equipment and power generator system making it compact in footprint and less in fuel costs.

The system is capable of providing festival level music for 8 – 10hrs during the daytime and an additional 6 – ­8 hrs a night over a 3 day festival, if the sun & wind conditions are right. These are just example ideas of running time. We would look at the scheduled acts and their equipment requirements, alongside an accurate weather forecast, and be able to come up a predicted run­time for the event. More info? –