Super Mande Percussion

Mady Keita began his drum tutelage under the guidance of the legendary Mouriba Keita. From the age of 14, Mady studied the traditional rhythms of his people – The Bambara Tribe from Mali. 

Steeped in a heritage of djembe, dounoun, calabash and song, Mady soon became an active member of local Bamako outfits – Babemba International Ballet and The Ballet National.   

Later he graduated to chief percussionist of Shemin de Fer and became the music composer and director of Troupe Sehwa – a music theater production in Bamako.
Through these groups Mady toured the Ivory Coast, Senegal and Burkina Faso, then went to both Algeria and Libya where he worked and continued to promote Mande music to North Africa. 

Upon return to Mali, Mady Keita formed his own group Mande Percussion in 1995 with friend and master djembe player, Moussa Keita.   Mady also continued to work as a renowned freelance percussionist with the likes of Rokia Traore.

Later, Mady registered his group as the Association for the Promotion and Development of Traditional Malian Art and Culture: Mande Percussion, focusing primarily on the preservation of traditional instrumental music, percussion and dance.  Mady was nominated as President of the Association, owing to his extensive experience and knowledge of the traditional culture.