Weird & Gilly

Weird and Gilly are an acoustic duo and have been performing to the good people of Nillumbik in numerous venues for a number of years.

They bring an eclectic and energetic mix of pop, rock, blues, country and disco from 1950s Elvis to 2019 Billie Eillish.

Named after a David Bowie lyric, Weird is Darren Petruska who plays guitar and also harp and uke while Gilly is Geoff Booker who plays guitar and looper pedal. Both sing and harmionise.

While most commonly found in venues beginning with P around Nillumbik – Prosciutto, Platform, Piccolo, Panton Hill – they also recently performed a show while in Bali which greatly skewed their average travel distance data.

For Come Together they look forward to an engaging, singalong session for all ages. Checkout their page at for upcoming gigs.