Antediluvian Rocking Horse with Ollie Olsen

Antediluvian Rocking Horse have been “Letting the Left Hand Know What the Right Hand is Doing Since 1994.”.. ..ARH are two post neo-situationist dada-drunk artists who are quite adept at sewing together a funky little ditty out of the delicious slew of global sonic detritus we’re swimmin’ in…

ARH became the first international act on Negativland’s Seeland label with their album “Music for the Odd Occasion”. It was named Best Electronic Album in the May 1997 edition of Electronic Musician magazine and scored four out of five stars in Alternative Press magazine. Such promise! Such excitement ! .. ..Since then, they’ve managed to get their act together long enough to put out a record every four years or so. They’ve released music in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Finland, Greece, Italy, and Russia.

But they’ve been busy, ARH has played over 750+ beer-soaked, bourbon-logged, acid-dripping gigs, from clubs and pubs in Australia, the US, and Japan to regular appearances at What Is Music? Festival and the improbable infiltration of events like Vibes on a Summer’s Day, The Falls Festival, and The Big Day Out.

“a kind of surreal technology poem, encompassing the rhythms and noise of our everyday experience.” (CMJ)cid_161

“ripping the stuffing out of the underground scene and borrowing cues from the irreverent humour of Coldcut, ARH is the promising face of Australia’s dance future…if their intelligent barrage of editing-room sweepings and pelvis-friendly grooves can upset the clubland hedgemony of

disco rejects and clunky house castoffs, then Wain and King- and programming magus Ollie Olsen – can join Jack Dangers in storming the studio.” (Magnet)

“If confusion is sex, as Sonic Youth once posited, then Odd Occasion is an orgy…..kookiness that doesn’t grate – amazing.” (Alternative Press)