Dom Hogan

D J Dom Hogan Presented a radio show called Creative Alternative Techno and was on air on PBS FM Melbourne for over a decade from 1992. He was also a major player of the early development of the outdoor party movement in Australia and released music in the 90’s on the legendary PSY Harmonic (AUS) Nova Zembla (BEL) and Karelia (FINN) as one part of Lumukanda. Dom is extremely versatile in the sounds that he D J s and more to the point how he plays them. Acid House / Hard Techno / Trance / Hip hop / Break beat / Ambient / Chill / Noise / More… Minimal it’s because of the style of radio show that he presents that subjects him top so many different styles of electronic , computer generated music. Always surprising and always pleasing in an outdoor chill environment.


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